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Over the past year, music production and performance have been centered in the home with monitor speakers proving to be a staple for artists looking to integrate the club and studio atmosphere into their own spaces. Well with this “new normal” in mind, Pioneer DJ has introduced a new addition to its near-field monitor speaker line, the VM Series.

Leaping forward from the popular Pioneer DJ S-DJX speakers, the brand-new design of the VM series units includes high-quality components and innovative features to deliver pure audio.

Complete with three active models—the VM-50, VM-70 and VM-80—the new series couples with flexible DSP settings to deliver artists a clear, low-distortion listening experience, suitable for any setting. Coming equipped with a 4 mm-thick aluminum front baffle, flat voicing, Class D amplifier, Aramid fiber cones and Vortex Bass Accelerator, the VM Series accurately reproduce sounds, including deep low-end frequencies while cutting out unwanted vibrations.

Considering listening environments can react differently to audio waves, the speakers also feature a DSP setting, allowing artists to tweak the output and find the perfect sound for their space.

Fixed on the back of the speakers are Low EQ and High EQ knobs. Without looking at the rear panel, artists can click the knobs into four different positions to unlock 16 intuitive EQ settings. The expanded setting set enables artists to tune the speakers in accordance with the room’s shape, size, and construction.

Check out the Pioneer DJ VM series active monitor speakers launch video below.

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