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The wait is finally over, Trampa‘s highly anticipated debut album Disrespect has arrived and it was well worth the wait!

After unleashing a steady barrage of singles, the guttural dubstep don showcases his undeniable production prowess with a merciless 10-track offering once again proving once again to the bass music community why he is considered an elite-tier talent when it comes to serving up devastating audio assaults on eardrums.

To celebrate what can easily be considered the biggest release of his career, Trampa took to time to deliver a track-by-track breakdown Disrespect for all the world to enjoy.

Check out the Peterborough-native’s breakdown of his debut album in his own words below,


“I wanted the first track on the album to just scream ‘Trampa’. To my ears, it’s everything this project represents sonically and this seemed a fitting intro to the rest of the album.”

Generals ft. Killa P & Vulgatron

“I’ve been a big fan of Killa P for years. Delighted to work with him! As for Vulgatron, I’ve been desperate to get him on a track since my remix of Zomboy’s ‘Get With The Program’ dropped with Eptic in 2017. Really pleased with the result.”

Pull Up

“I’ve been releasing music for over 10 years now as Trampa. So, I guess you can call this one ‘vintage’…”


“If you know, you know. Drum & Bass was my biggest influence growing up and I still love making stuff like this! I wanted to showcase more of my personal influences, and making this album gave me the opportunity to do that.”

Your Luv

“The first single from the album. I love rave music – my dad played The Prodigy at home all the time growing up and I think that influence shines through on this track.”

Sick Head

“Dark, heavy and an absolutely perfect single to close out NSD: Black Label. I was both the first and last artist to release on the Black Label imprint, so everything sort of came full circle with this track.”

All Night ft. Nolay

Nolay is one of the most underrated female MC’s in the game! She inspired me to really push the boundaries of the Trampa sound. She’s a very welcome curveball on the album.

Shank with Space Laces

I love Space Laces and it is an honour and a privilege to have him on my record. He took my initial ideas to sonic worlds I could never have imagined, and I’m incredibly proud of this track.

Back 2 Me

“I’ve been experimenting with using trademark Trampa dubstep sounds at 174 BPM for a while now. This is dubstep-inspired drum and bass and I love it.”


“Closing out the album as I started it – loud, energetic and attention-grabbing. A track that, in my opinion, just screams out ‘Trampa’!”

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