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Instagram is a vital resource for businesses, especially DJs and individuals in the private event industry. This platform is the replacement for a website. Even though websites are essential to establish credibility as a company, it’s not what couples or potential consumers are using to hire services or products. They are leaning towards social media presence more than ever before.

Building aesthetics on the Instagram platform is the foundation of profile and brand growth. You want to have your profile replicate your brand and your image as a company or individual DJ. Your grid (where your post resides) is essentially your store-front or portfolio.

Focus your time and energy on aesthetics on your grid. Post your most relative and marketable content here (images, videos, etc.). Having a color consistency or post consistency here is crucial as well. Choosing photos with the same or similar color coordination between them or selecting a filter for your posts will keep them uniform.

The key to gaining leads is understanding the specific parts of the Instagram platform, their purpose, and how you can implement those into your business. There are four main parts to this platform that, once understood, will elevate your presence tremendously.

Your feed, as mentioned above, is your store-front or your portfolio. This is where you will show people who visit your account what you have to offer. Example: the types of parties you throw and those parties’ outcomes.

Stories are where you will showcase your human side, the day-to-day hustle, behind the scenes, promotions, etc. These are showcased on your page for 24 hours then disappear into the archives.

If you have a story that you want to save permanently on your account, you can use the Highlights portion of Instagram. Highlights are similar to the tabs on your website and can be utilized as such.

IGTV is another significant portion of the overall Instagram growth for an account. This is essentially the YouTube part of IG. Post your longer promotional videos here.

Once you’ve completed and placed your account to its full potential, then it’s time to grow the likes, comments, and followers, which yields prospective clients in your DMs wanting to book you as their DJ. You start this by engaging with people on the platform. Think of it as free marketing by compiling interest to your page. Follow local friends and vendors in your market and start engaging with their content (like, comment, and share). This act is a two-way street. When people see your engagement on their posts, they will often return the favor. This process allows all of us to grow together and help one another by building each other up.

Instagram is the current trending platform. Couples are doing their homework on you before they even contact you. If you don’t have a solid social media presence, you won’t have nearly as good of a chance of securing their business as someone else with a significant social media presence has.

So, how do you start? Here is a starter kit that I recommend that you consider when beginning to use this platform. First, gather your content. Then create 5-7 stories and 2-4 posts per week. Additionally, upload all your current video content onto the IGTV portion. This will help your engagement significantly by giving potential clients something to watch while viewing your profile.

When used correctly, Instagram can be a fantastic tool to help build and strengthen your brand. If you have any questions or want to connect with me on Instagram – check me out at @dawson.high

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