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Has the pandemic impacted pricing? We asked DJs: Are clients now looking for deep discounts? Do they think you’re so desperate for bookings that you’ll discount events deeply?

Ryan Runnion, MC Pro DJs, Hanover Park, Illinois
We’re booking up fairly quickly, leading to price increases from what I’m aware of.

Steve Fuentes, Supreme Entertainment, Kansas City
I’ve not experienced this yet. I increased my prices prior to Covid and lost a few clients, which was expected, but gained a lot more. But most of my gigs are here in Kansas City.

Ernie Muraoka, Los Angelos, California
I only give discounts to seniors, people with cancer or children with cancer or autism.

Ralph Hunter, ralphthedj, Maryland
My prices are my prices regardless of Covid. The only special are those I may be running (sometimes 10%).

Steve Gustus, DJ Wiz Delmar, Delaware
Yes I have had a couple people looking for a discount because of Covid restrictions.

Brian Howe, Colorado DJ Entertainment
I’m at my full rate (pre-pandemic), and for the most part people are booking. Some are asking for discounts but most are jumping on whatever is available. We host on average six events per weekend.

Sierra Jane, Melbourne, Australia
I’m definitely finding that clients are really tight on money and looking for cheaper options.

Chuck Lehnhard, Wine County, California
I think there are some DJs that are scrambling for events and are willing to offer a deep discount. But personally I’m not. There are so many events coming so quickly I don’t feel the need to give a deep offering.

Nick Logan, New Zealand
I think there are some DJs who are scrambling for events and are willing to give a deep discount. Me personally, I’m not. There are so many events coming so quickly I don’t feel the need to give a deep discount. Keep in mind also I’m a single op, and would’ve only picked up three or four events—including mid-week weddings due to postponement, downsized guest lists, etc.

Paddy Gordon, MPG Entertainment, Glasgow, Scotland
A ton of events have been postponed from 2020 and 2021. Also, a lot of people in events/entertainment have switched careers, demand is high and supply is low. Given that you need to re-coup costs of lost income for fifteen months. Prices should be going up, not down. In fact, I’ve upped my prices since March 2020.

Patricia A. Depa, DJ Depa, Detroit, Michigan
I’ve lost only two events, because I wouldn’t even lower my price further after a discount.

Jerry Karns, Prestige Worldwide Entertainment, Finger Lakes, New York
I increased my rates and got busier. Turned down thirty-some weddings this year, as a single operator.

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