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Due to the fact that so many students missed out on fun school events last year, such as Homecoming, proms, sports and other events, this is the perfect time to ramp up your marketing for the new school year so you are front and center to the ones who make the decisions on having those school functions return. Your marketing needs to adjust and be laser focused with strong strategies in place.

The best marketing strategies to schools, no matter how and where they’re deployed, can help your business in so many different ways. You’ll mainly want to focus on your digital strategy for this type of scope. That’s not to say that traditional advertising strategies, such as billboards, flyers and brochures, print ads, and face to face meetings, have no place in the digital era, but their return on investment makes them far less attractive than modern digital marketing strategies.

Here are 4 quick things you should be doing to market yourself to the education industry in 2021/2022:

1. Use Social Media Platforms to Connect with Your Audience
There are now approximately 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, which equates to about 42 percent of the population. Social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and Reddit are the most popular among millennials, followed by Gen Z, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. Since their early days, social media platforms have matured in every way imaginable, and they now provide an enormous amount of different ways how they can be used in marketing to education. Regardless of which platform you decide to target, your goal should always be the same — establish meaningful connections with your target audience by providing engaging content.

2. Include Digital Advertising in Your Annual Marketing Budget
Digital advertising (Google, Facebook, etc) can be a very effective way of marketing your business to educational facilities, which is part of the reason why worldwide digital advertising spending is predicted to reach over $375 billion by 2022. Data shows that advertisers in the US will spend 54 percent of their advertising budgets on digital ads next year. By 2023, that figure is expected to reach 67 percent. The biggest advantage digital advertising offers over traditional methods is precise targeting based on demographics, engagement patterns, and other things. This targeting can have an incredibly positive effect on the click-through rate of advertising campaigns as well as all other important metrics.

3. Create Engaging Video Content
Increasingly more marketers say that video content gives them a great return on investment, and it’s easy to see why. Data shows that on average, 78 percent of people watch online videos every week, and 55 percent view online videos every day. That’s a lot of potential viewers that can be targeted by creating engaging video content and publishing it online.

It’s not difficult to create video content targeted to students and the education industry. You can simply transform your existing services into entertaining videos and publish them on leading video-sharing platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook or Tik Tok. Video content can have many different forms, including demo videos, brand or event videos, animated content, case study and customer testimonial videos, live videos, and others.

4. Create a Mobile Friendly Website With Optimized Landing Pages
The number of mobile internet users has exceeded the number of people who access the internet from desktop computers and laptops. This year alone, the number of smartphone users worldwide is projected to reach 3 billion, which means if you want to succeed in marketing your DJ services to education; you cannot afford to not have a mobile-friendly website with optimized landing pages.

For a website to be mobile-friendly, it must look and feel great on mobile devices, which means that all links and navigation elements must be easily clickable, the site itself must be responsive, and page loading times shouldn’t exceed three seconds (that’s how quickly a half of the online population expects a website to load). If anything, make sure your website passes Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, whose purpose is to determine how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device.

In conclusion, if you follow some of these tips, you shouldn’t have any problem successfully marketing your business and DJ services to schools and universities to students of all ages. Well rounded approaches to marketing yourself with these strategies will help you earn more business, increase your brand and give students the time of their lives, which they may have missed out on in 2020. Stay safe and well out there!

Joshua Volpe owns Kalifornia Entertainment in Rochester, N.Y.

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