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The wait is finally over, Mixed In Key 10 has arrived!

Mixed In Key 10 is designed to accurately detect the true key of any track, sample or loop. The newest version combines the work of American, British and Swiss data scientists to create an algorithm that exceeds the previous version’s results by 10%, which already had the highest-ranked key detection in the world.

Mixed In Key 10 also adds the ability to use its automatically generated cue points in Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software.

The new version uses the latest advances in machine learning and data science to improve key detection on difficult songs and provide the best key results for any genre of music. This release coincides with Mixed In Key’s 15 year anniversary, and version 10.0 celebrates the last 15 years of working in this field of Key Detection science.

Check out the official Mixed In Key 10 introduction video below. Mixed In Key 10 is available for $58 and $39 for previous customers looking to upgrade at

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