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Still buzzing after dropping singles “Affection” and “Detune” just yesterday, Boys Noize‘s highly anticipated fifth studio album +/- (pronounced Polarity) has arrived for all the world to enjoy.

Never one to shy away from cross-genre exploration, his 15-track offering is a true musical journey driven by star-driven collaborations in addition to showcasing the sounds of subterranean techno, industrial, and jacking house.

“The album dives into the polar tension between the musical styles and worlds I find myself in,” says Boys Noize. “When you combine opposites, something transcendent can take place, something greater than the two parts. And with music, it becomes a magic that can create new worlds. “I’ve always been inspired by trying to integrate opposing, polar forces. There’s something really thrilling in it, and it’s always a secret motivation for me; building and exploring the combination of contrasts. Techno’s earliest inspiration was the idea of combining man and machine. And you can continue from there—aggression and beauty, past and future…”

Stream Boys Noize’ new album +/- in its entirety below and enjoy!

The first leg of Boys Noize’s +/- tour starts the day after the album release at San Diego’s CRSSD Festival, check out the complete list of dates below.

boys noize tour 2021

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