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We’ve been asking DJs for their predictions and plans for 2021 — here are a few of them.

Gregg Hollmann, Ambient DJ Service, East Windsor, NJ.
Our resolution is to dig in and keep on fighting. Covid has lingered around longer than expected, and cash-flow management has been difficult at times. The biggest challenge that we face in 2021 is forecasting financials, as our fortunes are largely tied to state regulations regarding social gatherings. We’re also hoping to access another PPP loan to bolster our liquidity through the exceptionally slow winter season.

Daryl Bennett
I actually did better in 2020 than 2019, even with massive cancellations. Gonna’ try to keep up with that momentum.

Eric James Cunningham, Debonaire Entertainment, Richmond, VA
I’m looking to expand brands to include products that reflect current social conditions, such as live streaming and virtual products—like virtual Photo Booth, for example.

Claude Dickerson, Captain’s Entertainment, Richmond, VA
Here the first half of 2021 will be pretty much non-existing. We don’t expect a relaxing of the mandates by our governor until after Labor Day. In addition, venues who have turned a blind eye to weddings are not following the restrictions—which’ll be doing strict enforcement. This means what few weddings done before June will be backyard weddings. I’ve been well-equipped to handle them for years. But no wedding shows and no bar gigs means exposure will be limited.

Michael Variali, East End Entertainment, NY
I’ll adhere to the state guidelines for COVID-19. I’m not going to jeopardize the health of my staff and others because of selfish people. Believe me, you don’t want one event to wipe out other dates on the calendar. I was fortunate after the superspreader wedding at the NFCC in October—it was my last DJ event of the year. I had enough time to recover from the CORONA virus.

Nick Colletto, NIC Entertainment
It’s definitely a trying year, with over 70 weddings postponed or cancelled so far. We’ve always been able to provide unique services—battery systems and outdoor work. We haven’t changed much. We’ve been selling DJ booths to offset event income. And 2021 seems up in the air. We have a bunch booked, but who knows what’ll happen one day to the next.

David Trigg
It’s nerve-racking and the unknown, even with a modified wedding DJ contract. In my opinion, with 2020 mostly canceled—and in return all of the time to learn—I’m grateful. I’ve learned so much from The DJ’s Vault. And with that, I have quadrupled my lead to sale conversions.