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Atlantic City, N.J. – It should be clear to everyone by now that, moving forward, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact nearly every facet of our lives – and that includes the DJ world. But some of the public discussion of AI has been foreboding. As it relates to DJs, what’s to fear? What’s to embrace? And just how deeply will AI facets like ChatGPT impact DJs and their businesses?

At DJX, digital-marketing maven Jordan St. Jacques from Canada’s Digitera will have answers. In four different AI-specific topics – one each day of the show – St. Jacques and his informed cohorts will tackle this much-discussed subject and answer your questions, as well. Sit in on these sessions so that you can better understand the breadth of AI – and embrace the future.

Set for August 7-10 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, N.J., DJX will bring the entire DJ industry together with its winning combo of new technologies, education, and sponsored After Dark events.

Produced by DJ LIFE magazine and Hazan Media Group, DJX will present a show floor full of the latest DJ-related products (audio, lighting, studio, accessories, etc.), a slate of 30 seminars, panels, and keynotes tackling the latest vital topics, and nightly parties featuring top DJ talent. Operating since 1990, DJX is the longest-running and most-impactful gathering of DJs in the Americas. Whether you’re a mobile jock, club DJ, bedroom spinner or home-studio music maker, DJX ’23 will have something for you.

Workflow Mgmt: How DJ Companies Can Best Use

The advent of ChatGPT and other such AI tools has changed the digital landscape as we know it. And for those running DJ companies, using such tools productively will save you hours every week in your workflow.

Join Jordan St. Jacques from Canada’s Digitera as he takes you through the paces on how best to use ChatGPT in your workflow – from blog-writing to contract-creation and everything in between – so that you make the best use of your time every week.


The Big Fear: Will AI Replace DJs in the Future?

One of the biggest questions within the DJ industry these days is: “In the future, will AI replace the DJ?” This year at DJX, our AI panel will explore exactly that issue. At this lively discussion, moderator Jordan St.

Jacques (Canada’s Digitera) will be joined by Ken Cosco (Boston’s A Touch Of Class) arguing for the DJ side vs. Ryan Von Ahn (Cleveland’s By Request Mobile DJ Service) arguing for the AI side… with Ross Akselrad (Philadelphia’s Pulse Entertainment) taking a neutral stance and pointing out the pros and cons of both perspectives. Join in and explore this most important of subjects, so that we can all be informed on how the future will affect our present.

Web Tasks: ChatGPT for SEO & Social Media

In a continuation of Monday’s seminar, we’ll dive deeper into ChatGPT with regards to the ever-important topics of SEO and Social Media.

Join Jordan St. Jacques (Canada’s Digitera, Canada) and his partner Mike Marquez (NYC’s Twitch trailblazer) as they explain how ChatGPT can speed up common SEO and social-media tasks that we all must do. Remember… time is money, and this seminar definitely will save you a lot of time.

The Finale: AI Tooltime

Join Jordan St. Jacques from Canada’s Digitera for an hour-long session to go through all the best AI tools for your business available on the market today. We’ll plow rapid-fire through as many productive tools as we can in the hour that we have – and we’ll give away a few freebies at the end of the hour to everyone in attendance, as a way of saying thank you to those of you who stayed for the last day!