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While Saint Punk has made a name for himself with this menacing Grunge House sound, he’s has been showcasing his versatility as a producer with singles of his forthcoming debut album with the latest example coming in the form of “Ghost Blood.”

Teaming up with MXMS for his latest offering, “Ghost Blood” which serves as a brooding piece of production that is a truly emotive and captivating listening experience.

“I first worked with MXMS back in 2019 when I remixed their single ‘Gravedigger’”, Saint Punk says. “We had always planned to work together in the future on an original Saint Punk tune. When the time came for the album, we knew it was the right timing.”

“‘Ghost Blood’ is a story of two very close friends in the throes of tragedy”, MXMS add. “One is losing the desire to keep going; the other is not sure what she can do to help, but is trying her best. Many thanks to Saint Punk for taking their saga to the dance floor.”

Check out Saint Punk’s “Ghost Blood” with MXMS by giving that play button a tap below.

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