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Currently in the midst of the Ship2Ship tour alongside Destructo, Anna Lunoe, and Motez, T.Williams has announced the launch of his new Today, Tomorrow label with a new track.

Williams aims to return to his roots in grime with the new imprint by showcasing his abilities as both an artist and curator, with releases from himself alongside other DJs and producers. Williams will kick off the new label with his Acoustic Treatment EP, and he’s previewed the release with the premiere of his new track “Days End.” The dreamy house track is equal parts sexy and nostalgic, with smooth guitar and ethereal synths driving a hi-hat-focused groove. A special vinyl-only release from Jon E. Cash will follow Williams’ EP, with new music from Zerbaman and Jynx to follow in the near future.

Stream “Days End” below and go to for more information.


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