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From the Musikmesse show floor in Frankfurt, Germany, Hercules and Serato have demoed the brand-new DJControl Jogvision.

The DJControl Jogvision brings the in-jog displays of popular CD players to a portable controller, aimed at enhancing mobile DJs’ performances. Each jog wheel features a display in its center indicating playback speed and track position, allowing DJs to take their eyes away from their computer screens. Additionally, the DJControl Jogvision is bundled with Serato DJ Intro and is Serato DJ Upgrade Ready.

The full list of product data is below.

DJControl Jogvision: Technical data sheet
Controls SERATO DJ Intro (available for download free of charge)

SERATO DJ Upgrade Ready (optional)

Two circular displays per deck

· Blue ring: speed and scratch indicator

· White ring: position indicator

· Perfect for scratching: the display indicates either the current scratch positon, or the scratch amplitude (to return to the starting point)

Displays emulating the rotation of a motorized platter

· The blue ring rotates at 33⅓ RPM

· As on professional DJ CD players, the blue ring’s rotation speed changes when the DJ alters the pitch

· Incorporating a circuit of LEDs, the display provides faster performance than an LCD, which is limited by its refresh rate

Solidly-built, comfortable DJ controller

· Large 5.9” / 15 cm jog wheels featuring touch detection

· Sturdy 17.9 x 10.0” / 45.5 x 25.4 cm body

· 2 sets of 4 progressive pads illuminated with 4 different lighting colors (each color indicates a control type)

· AIR Control for contactless control of the low-pass filter effect: the audience sees the DJ’s hand movements, thanks to the AIR Control’s 11.8” / 30 cm range

Audio design engineered for performance

· 24-bit/96 kHz resolution

· Dual Master outputs (2 RCA + 1/8” stereo) and Booth output (2 RCA)

· Headphones output

· 1/4” microphone input

· 1/8” stereo line input

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