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Art Department is the latest artist to curate a mix for the famed fabric compilation series.

Following Kenny Glasgow’s departure from the group earlier this month, the compilation represents a new chapter for Art Department with just Jonny White at its helm. Art Department’s fabric 82 mix is a 72-minute, 17-track journey giving fans a glimpse of where White is taking Art Department as a solo project. Due out June 22 via fabric Records, the compilation includes tracks from Frank & Tony, Matthew Herbert, and Basic Channel.

To celebrate the release, Art Department will return to fabric London’s Room 1 on June 13 with Kenny Glasgow, Scott Grooves, and Nitin. For more information, go to here.

The full tracklist for fabric 82: Art Department is below. Preorder the compilation here.

01 Basic Channel – Mutism [Basic Channel]

02 Frank & Tony – Villa Seurat [Scissor & Thread]

03 Mr G – Hip Flexer [Phoenix G]

04 Doubt – Worse For The Wear [Disposable Commodities]

05 Borrowed Identity feat. Mechanical Soul Brother – Ruhephase In D-Moll [Mistress]

06 DJ Boom – Kinda Kickin’ (Efdemin Remix) [Curle / N.E.W.S.]

07 Brooks Mosher – Get Ready (Fred P. Reshape) [Release/Sustain]

08 Scott Grooves & Kataconda – Decimal 2.0 [Natural Midi]

09 Art Department feat. Seth Troxler – Cruel Intentions (Fred P. Reshape) [No.19 Music]

10 NGLY – Service Cost [Long Island Electrical Systems]

11 Jonathan Lee – Dimensions [Social Experiment]

12 Herbert – Deeper [Accidental]

13 JTC – Valley Road (We Are 1) (DJ Qu Remix) [Spectral Sound]

14 Nitejams – Untitled (NJ01 – B1) [Nitejams]

15 Rick Wade – Wired [Housewax]

16 James Priestley & Marco Antonio – Speed [secretsundaze]

17 Basic Channel – Mutism [Basic Channel]



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