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Chauvet DJ is giving DJs and party hosts an efficient, multi-effects lightshow with the JAM Pack Gold.

The all-in-one ensemble includes four popular lighting effects in one package, giving users access to an LED derby effect, a red and green laser, combo UV/strobe, and Chauvet DJ Hurricane 700 fog machine. All accessories needed to set up and run the lightshow—external power supplies, mounting hardware, and a Chauvet DJ IRC-6 remote controller—are included in the box, as well.

The four effects in the JAM Pack Gold are designed to work together in order to provide a dynamic, multi-layered lightshow that will give any event an exciting edge. The LED derby fills a room with shower of red, green, and blue beams, while the laser’s aerial effects offer another dimension. The Hurricane 700 shoots bursts of fog to intensify the brightness of the other effects, all of which become more colorful against the glowing iridescence of the UV bar (which can transform into a strobe to up the energy).

The JAM Pack Gold can be easily operated in Sound or Auto Mode or via the IRC-6 remote for users without programming knowledge. The effects are very compact and maintenance-free, and all of them can fit inside a single CHS-40 VIP Gear bag for easy transportation.

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