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Pioneer DJ has unveiled the XDJ-700, its most compact digital player thus far.

The rekordbox-ready player has inherited a 7-inch, full-color touch screen that gives DJs control over its features via browse, play, and perform windows as well as rotary dial scroll and QWERTY keyboard searches. The XDJ-700 also comes packed with a slew of features straight from the XDJ-1000, including Hot Cues, Auto Loops, Slip Mode, and Beat Sync.

The unit’s compact size and flexible nature are the true star, with it primed for even the smallest of booths or home setups. It’s also the first player at this price point to be equipped with Pro DJ Link, so users can share one source with up to four players and load tracks via USB or Wi-Fi.

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-700 will be available in December with a retail price of $699. Watch an introduction video below and go here for more information.


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