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Since their debut in 2012, the Global Spin Awards have honored and paid respects to the DJs and their craft. Founded by former Bad Boy Records executive Shawn Prez, the Global Spin Awards aim to be the DJ world’s equivalent of the Grammy’s or Academy Awards.

The event will return for its fourth annual installment on Tuesday, November 17, which will take place at Times Square’s Playstation Theatre and will be hosted by celebrated DJ/producer Swizz Beatz. Categories for this year’s ceremony include National Mixshow DJ of the Year, Open Format DJ of the Year, National Club DJ of The Year (All Format) EDM DJ of the Year, and DJ of The Year, while Afrika Bambaataa and Mark Ronson have been tapped as the 2015 Global Spin Awards Honorees.

We chatted with Shawn Prez to get the scoop on the 2015 Global Spin Awards.

DJ Times: What are you looking forward to most about this year’s Global Spin Awards?
Shawn Prez: I’m really looking forward to the growth this year more than anything. Moving to the [Playstation] Theatre in Times Square has given us free range with our production. So I’m excited for all the VIPs and celebrities that will be in attendance to experience the Global Spin Awards like never before.

DJ Times: The Global Spin Awards have become an industry staple in just a few short years. Why do you think it’s grown so fast?
Prez: The Global Spin Awards has grown at such a rapid pace because we filled a void. It’s known that whenever you fill any void, it is bound to propel at an accelerated pace. The fact that we’ve created this and it has grown so fast simply confirms that this platform was needed for DJ community and for the entertainment/music industry as a whole.

DJ Times: This year’s DJ of The Year category is stacked with talented artists. What separates them and sets them above other talented DJs in the industry?
Prez: What I personally love about the Global Spin Awards is the high-level of talent in each category. The DJ of the Year nominees are the best of the best in the world of DJing and each nominee can arguably win. Some have produced top ten records and played at the biggest venues in the country, while others have toured internationally winning over the hearts of fans worldwide. They’ve all had amazing calendar years.

DJ Times: You’ve been in the industry and seen the growth of DJing culture in the mainstream. What’s the biggest difference you notice about how DJs are regarded now by the public in comparison to how they were in the past?
Prez: DJs have always been the driving force behind the breaking of hit records but in the past they were faceless and voiceless. Nowadays, DJs are selling out arenas and stadiums with no artist attached to them. DJs are now the superstars and the public regards them as such.

DJ Times: What piece of advice do you have for a young DJ hustling on the street that would help them take their career to the next level?
Prez: It is very important for young DJs find their niche and identify their lane. They have to decide from earlier on whether they’re looking to be a mega producer like Diplo, a radio DJ such as DJ Envy or a major club DJ. And then it’s just about hard work. I firmly believe that to be successful in any business you have to outwork your competition. I don’t think there’s any major secret.

DJ Times:  What’s next for Global Spin Awards after this year’s ceremony? Any big plans for 2016?
Prez: Our main focus every year is growth. 2016 marks the Global Spin Awards Fifth Anniversary so we’re looking forward to creating a production that celebrates what we’ve accomplished since our inception while continuing to give the DJs recognition that they greatly deserve.

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