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American DJ has combined versatility, cost-effectiveness, and portability into one powerful package with its new XS Series of Moving Heads.

Powered by 10W LEDs and offering smooth RGBW color-mixing and 360-degree rotation, the XS Series is comprised of three fixtures: the XS 200, XS 400, and XS 600. Providing a sharp five-degree beam, the XS units are capable of 360-degree continuous rotation and multi-beam effects, offering dazzling light shows of concise color beams in a range of adjustable hues.

Full information on each of the three units from ADJ’s press release is below.

XS 200
The first – and most compact – in the new XS Series is the XS 200, a single-axis moving head fitted with two 10W quad-color (RGBW) LEDs and nine built-in lightshows. While its tight beam angle and continuous tilt rotation ensure an impressive display of fast-moving beam effects, the fixture’s DMX-Controlled mode (16-channel or 18-channel) can also be used to adjust the RGBW color-mix for each lens, resulting in a high-energy lightshow that can be tailored to the preference of the user or to meet the specification of a client.

For a simple but equally as effective display, the XS 200’s Show and Sound Active modes will get the party started instantly; utilizing the unit’s pre-programmed lightshows to generate a wide range of automatic effects that will leave crowds astounded. For mobile DJs, touring bands and bar owners, the XS 200 is the ideal portable moving head for taking on the road and bringing high-energy effects to small spaces. The most compact and lightweight in the XS Series, it weighs in at just 2 lbs. (4 kg.) and measures 4.75 x 5.5 x 11.25in (123.4x100x284.5mm) – perfect for any mobile lighting rig! To learn more about the XS 200, visit:

XS 400

For those times when two lenses just aren’t enough – and the party needs kicking into overdrive! – the XS Series offers up the XS 400, which builds on the XS 200 by using two additional lenses to provide unique dual-axis movement! The XS 400 is loaded with four 10W RGBW LEDs allowing even bigger displays of super-tight color beams to be generated.

As with the XS 200, ADJ has ensured that the XS 400 provides a versatile DMX-Controlled mode, so users can control individual LEDs and create their own palette of RGBW color mixes. Alternatively, the Sound Active and Show modes allow lighting users with limited DMX knowledge to keep things simple without losing energy, thanks to the XS 400’s exhilarating built-in lightshows.

Despite offering double the lenses and double the LEDs, and therefore more scope for creativity and impact, the XS 400 only adds 0.5lbs in weight compared to its smaller XS Series counterpart. This low weight (2.5lbs / 6 kg.) and the fixture’s compact dimensions (4.75 x 6.75 x 11.25in / 123.6×169.9×284.5mm) mean that the XS 400 is still a viable option for taking out on the road, packing even more high-energy beam effects into a still-portable unit. To learn more about the XS 400, visit:

XS 600

The most powerful and visually stunning of the innovative new XS Series fixtures, the XS 600 boasts two rotating heads, each fitted with three 10W LEDs, for an explosive hex-beam lightshow that will leave crowds speechless! Not only does the XS 600 offer more lenses, but it also utilizes 360-degree continuous rotation of its head and yoke, spinning in both directions to generate a varied display of fast-moving beams that will look awesome as they slice through fog and haze.

Using DMX, these beams can be produced in just about any color, with smooth RGBW color-mixing providing access to a series of unique hues! Meanwhile, users can get even more creative with pixel-mapping, for an eye-opening customized display of pure lighting excitement. Aside from this DMX-Controlled setting (which offers 25- and 31-channel modes), users also have access to the simple but highly effective Sound Active and Show modes, which utilize nine built-in shows to bring energy and excitement to the dance-floor, leaving audiences in awe!

Remaining compact (7 x 7.75 x 12.5in / 180.2×195.6×317.7mm) and lightweight (7 lbs. / 3 kg.), the XS 600 is the perfect high-energy moving head for both mobile lighting rigs and for installs in smaller venues where space is limited. For those looking for big-impact effects without the bulk, the XS 600 is the ideal moving head. To learn more about the XS 600, visit:

The XS Series is available now. Watch a product demo below.


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