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We all want to be fun, different and unique entertainers. But what if you heard of one DJ who applied that theory and it spurred his company’s growth from being a part-timer doing 10-15 weddings a year to a multi-op (three DJs) doing 140-150 weddings a year?

That’s Fox Feltman’s story, one that he will share at the DJ Expo in August at his seminar, “Gain More Bookings, Referrals & Money.” Feldman, owner of BTA Entertainment in New Bern, N.C., has constantly raised rates by creating an aura of being indispensable, creating desire for his services which has eased his company into top-of-mind status in the market and the top entertainment choice on vendors’ lists.

He says his plan can be adopted by anyone, as long as they’re willing to “take the ball and run with it.” We asked Feltman about his process and how other DJs can begin applying his tactics for their benefit.

At your DJ Expo seminar, you’ll be taking the attendees on a journey to explain how they can get more referrals, reviews, leads, bookings and money. Let’s start with how they can get more referrals.

We get more referrals then we did six years ago, simply because our theory is to entertain all the guests, take them all into consideration, as opposed to focusing on one person, the bride. When you have a guest walking out saying they’ve never been so impressed by a wedding reception, you have not only the client referring you, but the guests and vendors refer you as well.

How can DJs get more and better reviews?

Number one, you have to ask for the reviews. The brides today are not the brides of yesterday—when they sent thank-you cards after their event, and they move on. Asking them gives them the chance to thank you via email or phone. After they have heard over and over how fun their wedding was, they want to give you props, they want to say such great things about what you as the DJ were able to bring to the success of their day. It’s almost like they’re re-living it.

How can a DJ increase the amount of leads they’re getting?

Every day, I hear DJs saying their phone doesn’t ring, they don’t know how to do better, they can’t grow their business into a full-time thing, they can’t raise rates, they can’t get more than 10 weddings a year.

Brides want one of two things, they want Cheap or they want Trust. We build trust with our clients, and through that there are several ways to generate leads:

1.  Your brides should be you friends on social media, so they are always seeing and hearing from you. They’ll give you leads.

2. Create a Facebook group of previous clients and ask their input on things you’re doing, or thinking of doing, or just ask for information. So, even after the wedding or event, you can continue to make them feel like family.

3. Start a local wedding association and those members will recommend each other.

4.  We do bridal shows several times a year. We do not bring equipment—our set-up makes us stand out where leads walk right up. I’ll explain our set-up at the seminar. It gives us the opportunity to explain Fun, Different and Unique.

5. The vendors you work with should be sending you leads. They should love working with you because you take control and make everyone shine. Venues love working with us because we run our own timeline and they can sit back and take care of their bride and not worry about holding the DJ’s hand—you’d be surprised how many times you hear that complaint from venues and coordinators. Photographers and videographers will send leads because you keep them in the loop about what’s happening at the event, what’s up coming. Also, give them the set-up for great party photos that are not just people dancing and they’ll send you leads forever. Officiants will send leads because you want to help them, you want them to sound good. In a word, they should know you are “Professionals.”

The Golden Question: How can DJs make more money?

When a potential client calls and says, “I have heard so much about your company. You performed at my friend Sarah’s wedding, my baker said you’re the best, my photographer said to book you if I want fun, my videographer said you make it so easy to get great footage, my venue says you get everyone involved and can run the show. If all these people are telling me to get you, how do we make that happen?”

That’s the time to raise rates. When you are meeting, talking or taking reservations from 90-percent of clients, you raise rates. When you have a service or product that is in-demand, people will pay for it. Be better, deliver something different, have previous clients walking away saying the words “The Best.” Be worth something and believe in your worth. If you are the status quo, if you do the same thing everyone else in your market does, there is no worth.

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