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For all the talk of businesses increasingly generating customers online, as opposed to the old outbound methods, it’s tough to argue with the efficacy of one of the classic tools of lead generation for DJs: the bridal show.

It’s been around for generations, and some DJs swear by it, others say they can do without it. Not Angel Vendrell, owner of Diamond Productions in Edison, N.J. He’s been asking himself for years, “How can I differentiate myself at a bridal show?”

Adds Vendrell, “I always think to myself about how I can create an experience at a bridal show that future couples want and desire for their own weddings. By mixing talent with technology, you can bring two worlds together. Your bridal shows need to be fun and exciting, and leave prospects with a ‘wow’ factor.”

Vendrell has developed a three-step process of Planning, Performance and Post-Show best practices, which he’ll be discussing in greater depth at a seminar at the DJ Expo. We asked him to elaborate:

1) Planning

Branding: Develop a brand that is attractive to your target clientele.

Sales Tools: Develop branded brochures, business cards, promotional cards, video demos, website and social media.

Production: Develop a show/routine of what highlights your company. Develop and test the production (sound, screens, lighting, etc.) you are going to bring to the show. Try to stand out from your competition by producing video content to go along with your presentation.

Shows: Meet with the show company and speak to other vendors about picking the right shows that would be optimal for you. Depending on your company brand and culture, being selective with shows is crucial for not wasting time and money.

Practice: From top to bottom, practice everything. Do role-playing and have your sales staff practice how they are going to sell clients and deal with questions. Practice your performance so you and your team know that it’s solid. Lastly, rent out a space and practice a full dress rehearsal with lighting, video and sound.

2) Performance

Attitude: Make sure that from beginning to end everyone is “on.” Be positive and energetic. Most couples are overwhelmed at a showcase, so wear big smiles and be very approachable, or approach them.

Positioning: Get to the show early and position yourself where you feel there will be the most traffic. This is important for your “sales booth” and “DJ performance area.” You might have to plan this out early with the showcase company.

Create Fun: Have a giveaway/ promotion, do some party motivation, and have a rocking VJ spinning some awesome content on screens.  Make a custom snapchat app filter.

Lead Generation: Instead of just pen and paper, use an app like iCapture that automates your marketing process.

Execution: Be sure that your team has a clear plan of what all their roles are, and perform the show accordingly. Bring energy and show prospective clients why they should choose you.

3) Post-Showcase Follow-Up

Email: Use an email service like Constant Contact. We send seven emails over a six-month timeline. We actually send our first email one hour after the show ends. Do not send emails that just promotes your company. Position most of your emails as educational so your audience gets a benefit from opening it. For example: “Top Songs for Parent Dances.”

Call/Text Cycle: Get onto a CRM system. We use an app called BASE. You need to track your calls and texts to clients (and yes, text your clients). We have a system of seven calls and five texts. Being able to recall all your contact with a client makes your team much stronger and helps close more sales.

Social Media: Showcase content on social media about what you did at the show and what shows you’re going to be at in the future. Brides are still gathering in huge numbers on Instagram and Facebook, but Snapchat is definitely growing. Use your social media to drive couples to your website.

Private Showcase: Rent out a venue and host your own private showcase. Invite all the couples you met at the showcase as well as any current customers you have. Invite a small amount of vendors to help balance the costs. At the show, offer exclusive “show only” pricing and giveaways. Here you can take as much time as you like to showcase your company to new clients. Take advantage of that. Also, showcase some enhancements to your current clients to get them to upgrade their packages.

Sales: Invite prospects to your office and book the contract there or at your showcase.

Want to hear more?

Check out Angel Vendrell’s seminar, “Win More Business at Bridal Shows,” at the DJ Expo, which will be produced by DJ Times at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, N.J., Aug. 15-18.


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