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Berlin techno baroness Ellen Allien is phoning home to her BPitch Control imprint on November 11 via her explosive new Landing XX EP.

The three-tracker feels like a continuation to the riotous, floor-ready techno of Allien’s Turn Off Your Mind EP earlier this year, far away from the moody ambiance of her LISm vinyl reissue from this spring. The EP’s title track features a similar acid tinge that “Off” boasted, bringing bouncy bass squelches in line with industrial grinding synths and robotic disembodied voices.

Things get even more Berghain-ready with “Not Alone,” with extraterrestrial rolling synths impose a strict no holds barred dancefloor doctrine. Swirling hi-hats and roaring blips take things into hyperdrive, with the accompanying U Mix of the track providing similar peak-hour vibes.

The whole EP is out November 11. Stay tuned for previews coming soon.



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