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The electronic music scene isn’t the easiest to assimilate when looking in from the outside, but that is all going to change during this year’s LA Film Festival. What We Started is a documentary aimed to give the public a better understanding of the highly popular world of electronic dance music which widely misunderstood more often than not.

With the genre being more popular than it has ever been before, the film will serve as a history lesson working its way from its underground inception to the modern day, mainstream revolution. How do they plan to do this? Viewers will have the opportunity to see the scene through the eyes of electronic music’s pioneer, Carl Cox, and one of the biggest names in the scene today, Martin Garrix. What We Started aims to be a timeless classic establishing itself as the defining film of the electronic music genre.

The documentary will premiere Thursday, June 15th, 5:30 PM during LA Film Festival.

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