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First, it was the Sausage Fattener and now the Swedish duo Dada Life has returned with a new plug-in, Endless Smile.

“We know it took a long time, but creating a plug-in while juggling bananas and double-spraying champagne in front of thousands of people all over the world isn’t easy!” said Stefan of Dada Life.

Following the success of their first plug-in, their latest offering gives producers a simple and easy way to create a proper buildup leading into the drop.

“Sausage Fattener makes the tracks huge, but it’s not all about the drop – you need buildups too,” said Olof of Dada Life “With Endless Smile it’s easier than ever to create music that lifts you to space with a smile that just gets bigger and bigger and bigger!”

You can purchase the duo’s latest plug-in here.

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