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I will be the first to admit; I love vinyl, the idea of it, the sound of it, the feel of it. You know what I don’t love, hooking everything up, having speaker wire strung across my room, hidden under carpets and constantly coming disconnect. Why can’t there be an easy way to hook up my favorite record player to my speakers wireless and it all just work. I think my prayers have been answered thanks to the people at VNYL and their all new Trntbl record player.


Before you read any further, please note, that this is not a review, as I have not heard or held a unit yet, but I am hopefully.

Alright, back to why this new product has my attention. As I mentioned, I hate wire and cords; they are a pain, they make a mess. Let’s talk about what I do love, integration with Sonos, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay. What does that mean? In short, you place a piece of vinyl on the Trntbl record player, and it will play over your Sonos speakers or with a stereo system you have hooked up to Apple’s Airplay.

Once the units start to ship, we are hopefully to be able to provide you with a comprehensive review how the player look, feels and operates. Want to know about Trntbl parent company VNYL, read down below about where you can see a Trntbl in the wild.

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A quick blurb about the Trntbl parent company VNYL. VNYL and Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants have partnered to bring the VNYL Record Shop to The Goodland Hotel in Santa Barbara, California. The VNYL Record Shop is open to the hotel guests as well as walk-in customers and listening stations are powered by TRNTBL and SONOS that allow for listeners around the world to see what’s spinning at The Goodland; if that isn’t a modern day record store, I don’t know what is. If you are not in the LA area, feel free to check out their store at


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