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On the seventh anniversary of the day Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf decided to risk it all fully investing everything into their musical career, Krewella’s highly anticipated New World Pt.1 EP has arrived. The follow up to their Ammunition EP, their first release as an artist duo, also serves as their first release since cutting ties with Columbia Records, officially making the sisters independent artists.

This 7-track EP not only showcases their ability and versatility as both songwriters and producers, but it is the first official release on their newly launched label, Mixed Kids Records. These two plan on doing some serious damage with their new found freedom.

“Our journey over the last few years has led us to the creation of New World and our independent label Mixed Kids Records. Our multi-cultural upbringing as half-Pakistani females raised in a modern, western world has shaped us as artists and influenced how we make music. This new EP embodies our evolution as musicians who have unapologetically embraced our cultural roots, sexuality, and sonic experimentation regardless expectations. New World represents all the positive progression that has happened on Earth through diversity.”

Listen to the complete EP below and be sure to vote for these two in this year’s America’s Best DJ competition by Weedmaps & DJ Times by clicking here.

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