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When you think of the Canadian duo that is Adventure Club there is no denying the first thing that comes to mind is “melodic dubstep” or “emotional bass.” Well, they’ve returned to their roots with a remix that will soon join the ranks of “Gold” and “Lullabies.” Yes, it’s that good!

Kehlani’s sultry original, “Undercover” has been injected with the lethal dose of bass without overpowering the vocals; instead, they do what they do best and allowing her voluptuous vocal offering be the main attraction.

“When it comes to remixing a song, we’ve always been overly picky with our choices,” says the duo. “Once we heard ‘Undercover,’ we knew immediately it was going to be our next remix. Kehlani’s vocals are truly inspiring, and made it so easy for us to opt for an Adventure Club classic sound on this one.”

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