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We’ve seen artists join forces countless times to create a new alias, but it’s safe to say this one came as a bit of a surprise. We should have learned by now, always expect the unexpected when it comes to the world of electronic dance music because nothing is as far fetched as it seems.

New York duo The Knocks and London born producer Mat Zo have decided to combine their talents to form a new trio called The Mary Nixons. We may have what some may consider a supergroup on our hands here, my friends.

Their debut release, “Adrian,” is colorful tropical tune built around airy vocal chops, and sprinkled with 8-bit elements that is poised to make this jewel a sure summer anthem as we head into August.

“Adrian was born when The Knocks and I wanted to make something that was summery and ‘tropical’ but with a bit of grit, because we were feeling like everything in that vein was sounding a bit too sterile. We had this almost country vocal, and were trying loads of different things to it,” said Mat Zo.

“Eventually we landed on something really simple and repetitive, but effective. I then used some production techniques I learned from making drum & bass to give it extra character and grit. I think the result is pretty cool, I’m really proud of it.”

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