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If you’re an avid music fan, you are well aware today is 8/08 which means we celebrate Roland’s TR-808, the iconic drum machine that changed popular music history.

In honor of the joyous occasion, Splice has decided to explore the drum machine for a musician audience and from a musical perspective with their with their “8 Days of 808” giveaway.

Splice will release a piece of content over the course of eight days on a dedicated campaign microsite, and one lucky winner who enters their email on the microsite will win an original TR-808!

During this campaign, Splice’s featured content will include “Beat Breakdowns” of iconic songs that feature the instrument, a Q&A with the award-winning engineer Bob Power and tips on how to mix and master 808 sounds.

For more information regarding the TR-808 and Splice “8 Days of 808” celebration visit

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