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Reloop has announced the renewal of the RP-7000 with the release of the new RP-7000 MK2, a turntable that caters to the high demands of professional DJs and modern nightclubs resulting in a more sturdy and indestructible piece of equipment.

The RP-7000 MK2 was created using metal, rubber and synthetic materials making the turntable more reinforced and heavier than ever making it resistant to vibrations in addition to its shock-absorbing feet help to further improve isolation.

Reloop’s RP-7000 MK2 also features a statically balanced S-shaped tone arm with hydraulic lift and anti-skating mechanism. The latest RP-7000 also includes fine-tuned, quartz-driven motor with digital pitch correction and an aluminum LED target light is freely movable to help DJs find the stylus position in dark surroundings.

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Reloop RP-7000 MK2

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