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Accusonus has announced a major update to their award-winning beat production plug-in Regroover and has also released two new Regroover Expansion Packs, FRACTALS and SPASM.

Regroover version 1.7 allows users to un-mix audio loops into previously unreachable stems and enables new beat making workflows in addition to featuring instant drag and drop of audio samples or beat patterns to the DAW along with a set of new drum shaping effects.

Regroover 1.7 features include:
● Extract any sample (or loop) layer via simple drag and drop (Pro only)
● Create and extract new beat variations in real-time by moving “Layer Markers” (Pro only)
● Enhanced export menu options, including several pattern/layer mixdown options (Pro
● New unique Transient Shaper optimized for beat processing (Pro only)
● New analog-inspired Saturator (Pro only)
● New Stereo Enhancer for every layer (Essential and Pro)
● Improved compressor and gate effects (Essential and Pro)
● Better Presonus Studio One Integration (Essential and Pro)

For more information regarding Regroover 1.7, the FRACTALS and SPASM packs, visit

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