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D.A.S. Audio has announced two new additions to the Vantec Series lineup of portable systems, the Vantec-20A, and the Vantec-118A.

Designed for use in arrays of up to five units, the Vantec-20A is an active curved source line array that incorporates an arsenal of hi-tech solutions designed to provide the versatility today’s sound hire professional’s needs.

Individual units can be mounted on tripods with precise aiming possible, thanks to the variable angle pole mount that allows for up or down tilt.

As for D.A.S. Audio’s Vantec-118A, this is an active front-loaded bass system that has been designed specifically for use with the Vantec-20A curved source line array. Being compact in size, this unit can be flown in arrays or linked together in ground stacks, thanks to the D.A.S. Click-LockTM rigging system, which is compatible with the Vantec-20A.

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