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When one thinks of professional audio and leaders in the field, one of the names that inevitably comes to the surface is Bose.

The Framingham, Mass.-based firm is one of the rare companies (these days, anyway) that still carries its field expertise (in Bose’s case, obviously, audio) across a wide and diverse range of markets. The company has strong brand recognition (and respect) across consumer goods like Bluetooth speakers, to car audio, noise-cancelling headphones (that seem to be on the ears of frequent flyers everywhere), and — of interest to us here — professional sound support.

On the pro front, Bose manufactures sound support products for everyone from mobile DJs to installers of high-end solutions for stadiums, nightclubs, houses or worship, and the like. If there’s a need for sound reproduction, chances are Bose has you covered.

Within the portable-sound segment, however, there often seems to be a gap in the market at the smaller end – those applications where the venue is too small to justify “big-iron” gear, but that nevertheless still demands quality sound reproduction in a suitable, compact package. Apparently, the folks at Bose saw that gap as an opportunity, and they’ve chosen to fill it with the introduction of the new S1 Pro powered loudspeaker.

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