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When it comes to spinning and producing electronic music, Canada’s Frédéric Blais is a full-on O.G. He began his career three decades ago in his native Quebec and was considered so musically diverse that he acquired the stage name, Fred Everything.

Over time, he’s become a successful global DJ, specializing in various house-related subgenres – from acid house to Afro-house – and he’s been releasing music for more than 20 years on a variety of notable labels – 20:20 Vision, OM, Defected and Lazy Day, his own imprint.

Now he’s released his fourth artist album, the Balearic-leaning, groove-rich Long Way Home, which delivers pleasures both for relaxed listening or dancefloor moves. After catching his gig at West Coast Weekender in San Diego this past May, we caught up with the Montreal-based Fred Everything to discuss the album and much more.

DJ Times: What pushed you toward music?

Fred Everything: It was always there as a driving force in my life. For as long as I can remember, there was nothing else that fascinated me as much and, still to this day, it’s not only my job, but first and foremost, my passion.

DJ Times: What motivated you to DJ?

Everything: I was greatly informed by going to clubs. First, I have to give credit to local DJs in Quebec City and Montreal, then I was quickly drawn to the whole San Francisco/Chicago connection. I was underage at clubs in Quebec City. I was friends with the DJs and had a fake ID, so they let it slide. Then we started to do rave events in Quebec and I was organizing buses to go to the early, iconic raves in Montreal like Solstice and H2O.

DJ Times: As a producer, how has your music progressed?

Everything: I bought my first synth and sequencer in the late ’80s. I was first influenced by the dance explosion of the early ’90s, especially the whole Detroit/U.K. connection. Then later on, my sound found roots in house music and disco. In general, I’ve always been interested by a lot of musical genres and how to integrate them in my work.

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