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If you’re a fan of Moby, you’ve become quite familiar with the name Julie Mintz who can be found in a number of his videos and singing background on tour. Heck, you probably saw her perform on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on keyboards and background vocals with performing his single “This Wild Darkness.” Well, what if I told you these two had joined forces once again?

Revisiting the standout single from her forthcoming full-length debut album, Abandon All Hope of Fruition, the haunting and hypnotic masterpiece “The Sorrow Tree” has received a mesmerizing rework bred for the wee hours of the morning. Better than the original? That’s for you to decide!

“Julie lives high up on Mulholland Drive, and I wanted to do a remix that sounded like a soundtrack to driving on Mulholland at 4 a.m, when it’s empty and Los Angeles is asleep,” Moby explains.

Julie continued, “While it’s a dream to work with an iconic artist like Moby, the greatest part is really that he’s my best friend. Occasionally our friendship results in a gem like The Sorrow Tree (4am Mulholland Drive Moby Remix) but it always delivers on the most precious things like laughter, sound advice, and a shared chocolate shake.”

Take an exclusive first listen to the 4 am Mulholland Drive Moby remix of Julie Mintz’s “The Sorrow Tree” below and keep an eye out for her debut album dropping October 5th.

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