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Thrill Ride - Felicia Punzo

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Felicia Punzo – Thrill Ride – Klubjumpers (Radio)

Felicia Punzo – Thrill Ride – Klubjumpers (Extended)

Felicia Punzo – Thrill Ride – Marcel Remix (Radio)

Felicia Punzo – Thrill Ride – Marcel Remix (Extended)

Felicia Punzo – Thrill Ride (Original)


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More about Felicia

Becoming a superstar sensation has always been the goal of recording artist Felicia Punzo and she will not stop until she reaches her goal. 

Felicia was born and raised in the city of South Philadelphia. Since 2007 she has recorded more than 40 songs, appeared in a movie, a tv show and numerous tv commercials. Over the years Felicia has performed her music at venues and festivals around the country. She became a Billboard Charting Recording Artist with her single “Sound My Heart Makes” Produced by Giuseppe D.

In 2017 Felicia working with producer Brian Todd, she remade “One of Us” with remixes by Stonebridge & Damien Hall which had worldwide success. Her follow-up, About Us” was written by Rich Fayden and recorded in LA and is now charting on Nexus Radio’s top 10 and other dance stations around the globe.

About Us currently is charting in the top 40 of Music Week’s Commercial Pop Chart in the UK and Thrill Ride”, her next single is being serviced to the advanced VIP list now.

Felicia will work hard until she reaches the top and states that “music is not just a career, it’s my passion, it’s my life.”


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