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After emerging onto the scene with his devastating and unique sound design, QUIX has affirmed himself as one of the trap genre’s elite talents in addition to one of the most promising talents the bass music scene has to offer.

Hot on the heels of his Illusions EP, we’ve asked the New Zealand native to hit rewind and introduce us to the tracks the molded him into the artist that he is today and ignited his passion for electronic music.

Check out the tracks that influenced QUIX below in our latest DJ Times exclusive.

Downlink – Gamma Ray Burst (2009): “Pretty much this was one of the more heavier dubstep tracks I heard for the first time. The rhythmic pace of the drop was insane (especially for its time) and it really gave me the inspiration to make complicated yet cool rhythmic features in my tracks today.”

The Prodigy – Omen (Mt Eden Remix) (2009): “This song was easily the first dubstep song I heard and I remember exactly where I was when I first heard it. It has a dark minimal feel to it which has influenced me in my dark and eerie feeling music.”

RL Grime – The Flood (2012): “This was the first EVER trap beat I heard, still remember where I was when I first heard it. It blew my mind that music could sound this way. This track was the initial start of my journey to making trap.”

Boombox Cartel – Jefe (2017): “This song is kinda like a stake in the ground for all bass producers and was a big influence to me when I first heard it. This song has everything in it and is the best example of what any bass producer can achieve if they work hard.”

Ekali & ZHU – Blame (2018): “Ekali has been challenging me a lot in my production lately, not only just in terms of production but in the feeling of the song. This is a great example of a song that’s not 150bpm hardest bass banger, but a great feeling song that everyone can enjoy. Beautiful song.”