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There has always been quite the divide when it came to being a DJ and/or producer until now! Serato has launched the first beta version of its new beatmaking software, Serato Studio, aiming to make more DJs become producers.

With this new software, users will have access to powerful production features with a DJ-style workflow which includes cue points, mixer channels, FX, time-stretching and key-detection with Pitch ‘n Time, waveform displays, loads of content, and access to your Serato DJ library.

“By building on what DJs already know, we’ve reduced that steep learning curve commonly associated with music production,” says Nick Maclaren, Chief Strategy Officer at Serato.

“Which means less time hitting technical roadblocks and more time actually making music.”

“Over the years we’ve spoken to countless DJs and beginners who want to start making music but either don’t have the time, the hardware, or feel overwhelmed with attempting to learn production software. As a result we’ve made Studio as intuitive as possible, so you can open it up and start making beats right away.”

Serato Studio is a subscription-only service, with subscribers receiving ongoing sample content and software updates. Serato Studio Public Beta is now open until it reaches member capacity.

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