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Still buzzing of his recent debut solo headline tour, Hotel Garuda hot streak continues with the release of his first single as a solo artist coming in the form of “Head in the Trees.”

Staying true to the indie-electronic sound that has become synonymous with the Hotel Garuda name, his latest offering is an infectious, feel-good production where we see him make his debut vocal performance.

“This is my most personal song to date. I’ve made a name for myself making dance music and I want to show a side of me that hasn’t been shown before. Writing, producing and singing on this track was a challenge that I took on nervously, as I wasn’t sure if people would take me seriously as an artist until I made something that was entirely mine. ‘Head In The Trees’ is a love song that marks an important change in my life that happened about two years ago, and only now do I feel comfortable with baring this part of me to everyone else.” Hotel Garuda explains.

Stream “Head in the Trees” by taping that play button below.