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Continuing to revolutionize the DJ world, BPM Supreme and Roland have officially revealed that they will be joining forces for a new partnership that will now include Serato x Roland TR-SYNC ‘READY’ tracks within BPM Supreme’s vast music library.

Each of these ‘TR-READY’ tracks files are grid-verified by BPM Supreme’s in-house team of audio editors and quality assurance experts.

This new partnership brings together the power of Roland’s drum machines to a Serato DJ Pro setup allowing DJs to effortlessly match the BPM of the TR drum machines with tracks playing on Serato DJ Pro.

“BPM Supreme was the first record pool to offer Serato pre-Flipped tracks, and now we’re excited to take our partnership with Roland and Serato one step further,” said Angel “A- Rock” Castillo, CEO and founder of BPM Supreme.

“As huge fans of both Roland and Serato, our team is excited to offer these TR-READY tracks and anticipate that our large community of DJs will find them exciting and useful.”

TR-READY tracks can be found today at and be sure to visit Roland’s website to learn more about Serato x Roland TR-SYNC.