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New music from Major Lazer on the first day of summer, coincidence? I think not!

Always being ones to dominate the airwaves throughout everyone’s favorite time of year, the trio looks to do the same in 2019 by connecting with Brazilian superstar Anitta serving up a lethal dose of their dancehall-inspired signature sound with “Make It Hot.”

“It’s amazing when you work in synergy with someone who completes you artistically,” says Anitta.

“Having the opportunity to write/compose another song with Major Lazer was really special. We have developed this energy that is similar to being around family and close friends when we work together. It’s good to be able to bounce ideas off each other and that’s something that happens naturally now. I think it’s difficult for anyone to listen to this song and remain still.”

Your party playlist wouldn’t be complete without this bad boy so kickstart your weekend with Major Lazer’s latest anthem below!