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A Horse With No Name ft. Michael Keith DJ Kue Club Mix
A Horse With No Name ft. Michael Keith Moto Blanco Club Mix
A Horse With No Name ft. Michael Keith Jesus Montanez Tribal Mix
A Horse With No Name ft. Michael Keith DJ Kue Dub Mix
A Horse With No Name Moto Blanco Dub Mix
A Horse With No Name ft. Michael Keith DJ Kue Mix Radio Edit
A Horse With No Name Moto Blanco Radio Edit

DJ Kue Oasis Club Mix Final Art
Finished Horse With No Name Jesus Tribal Club Mix Art
Finished Moto Blanco Horse With No Name Club Mix Art

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In an industry that often demands conformity for the sake of commerciality among emerging indie artists, Jimmy Cypher defies all parameters and transcends all single genre trappings. Fusing his lifelong passion for blistering rock guitar with an equal soul connection to the pulsating vibes and rhythms of EDM, the multi-talented musician and composer unleashes his empowering, one of a kind hybrid with his acclaimed debut album Rocktronica.

With the release of a remix package of his explosively hypnotic debut single, an otherworldly re-imagining of America’s 70’s classic “A Horse with No Name,” Cypher’s found the perfect way to immediately impact the EDM/dance crowd.


Produced by platinum remix producer Ford (Mick Jagger, Ludacris, Michael Jackson and featuring the vocal talents of Michael Keith (from the Grammy winning R&B group 112), “A Horse With No Name”’s slate of top remixers includes DJ Kue (I Heart Radio & Promo Only Remixer of the Year), Dave Matthias (Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani), Motoblanco (Adele, Ariana Grande, Rihanna), Jesus Montanez (one of Mexico’s hottest DJs and charting remixers) and Well & Dowd (Emily Perry, Toni Braxton).


Having developed his groundbreaking Rock/EDM sound over a number of years, Cypher likes to describe it in terms of other guitarists who have greatly influenced him. “Envision Santana’s albums featuring guest vocalists over the last 20 years, but replace the Latin flavors with EDM,” he says. “Of course, I sneak in a little Van Halen here and there. It’s tricky to play rock guitar over dance beats. I grew up upon this classic hard rock and blues, but this musical vocabulary doesn’t mesh with EDM if you play too fast. I’m not there just to shred. I’m going for the groove. I start with the idea that it’s like Santana or David Gilmour, creating an ambient vibe and catching that groove.”