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Preparing to embark on his upcoming fall tour, Elephante has unveiled his simpy stunning new original “Diamond Days” and it’s beauty.

His latest offering is a mesmerizing gem with his own vocals taking centerstage alongside an uplifting soundscape driven by sultry synths and striking verses creating quite the magical listening experience.

“To me, the song is about looking back and letting go. Even as I’ve had more success in my career, I realized that I’m still hung up on mistakes I’ve made in some relationships and regrets I have from when I was younger. I still want to go back and replay it all and show younger me how to not blow it. The song is a bit like therapy for me. It’s almost like plugging into a time machine, going back into all of those regrets, polishing them up, and doing it right this time.” Elephante explains.

Check out “Diamond Days” below.