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Just a week away from the release of his seventh album, Armin van Buuren looks to dominate the airwaves with his latest radio-ready single, “Unlove You.”

Joining forces with R&B/pop superstar NE-YO, while this may seem like an unexpected collaboration to some, there is no denying that this is quite the one-two punch.

NE-YO’s undeniable vocals alongside Armin‘s deep house-tinged production, “Unlove You” has all the ingredients for a true chart-topper.

“Part of the beauty of having no limitations at all in the studio is that I get to work with the most talented people no matter what ‘genre’ they’re in, and NE-YO is no exception. It’s an honor to have worked together. We both built a legacy in our own respective scenes, and I’m grateful we were able to bridge the gap between them through ‘Unlove You’” Armin explained.

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