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Still riding high after her set this past weekend at circuitGROUNDS during EDC Orlando, CRAY has taken the time to share a few studio tips when it comes to songwriting.

Certainly, no stranger to vocally driven productions, the Canadian artist recently released her deeply personal seasons change and so do i EP where she showcased her new sound while sharing her empowering journey overcoming heartbreak.

Check out CRAY’s top tips when it comes to songwriting below.

1. LISTEN TO YOURSELF. It’s vulnerable to use personal stories or experiences but that’s how the best music is made in my opinion.

2. Start by writing short poems, this is an easier / friendlier way to start then tweak it to lyrics later.

3. If you have a block and can’t find the lyrics or word that fits take a break, don’t force it.

4. Record everything/anything. Sometimes the perfect words or melody happens when ur not focusing your gonna wanna have it on hand to listen back after.

5. Have a notebook on hand or a note on your phone. If you have inspiration, write it down no matter what. That shits real and you don’t want to lose it.

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