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After making his triumphant return from hiding behind the scenes with the release of his recent Organic EP, iconic Italian DJ/producer Junior Jack has proved to be back in a big way.

Spending the majority of his time cooking up a boatload of new music (some which may never see the light of day), we recently caught up with the industry legend to learn some studio tips from the mastermind who dominated the 2000s with his chart-topping hits.

Check out Junior Jack’s top production tips below!

1) TUNE! When all the elements of your track are properly in tune, everything will sound much better together , especially for the kick & bass, except if you want to have an “out of tune” element in your track (which is an artistic choice).

2) The most important thing at the start is your choice of sounds, if you start EQing, compressing and manipulating your kick drum (for example) to make it fit in your track, then it’s better to spend time looking for a kick which will fit to start with.

3) For Tip 2 you need a good room & monitors, so yes monitors (I use Barefoot MicroMain27, and I’m amazed!) and acoustics are extremely important to be sure that the sound you chose is what you want and not what your studio gives you as a perception, unless you have a secret weapon like me! (I have been working for a few years now to develop a plugin which I use already. “It’s Magic! My dream come true“ I can’t wait to share it. It will be available soon…

4) Sort your sound banks! This can save you a lot of time during the creative process. It’s very important to get what you want fast to be able to concentrate on what you will play instead of concentrating on looking for the right sound.… that should be done before.

5) No matter what kind of music you do, it is very important to have a general culture about other kinds of music, it will open your mind musically.

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