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By Adam Hirschhorn

The Mitzvah has changed dramatically in the last several years, in these 3 key ways:

1. They’re now highly branded

Specialty logos have taken the place of a specific theme. You can’t miss the elaborate centerpieces and décor and novelty gaming along with a massive DJ production. We are wrapping dancefloors with vinyl and creating stickers to encompass the theme or logo.

2. We now market directly to teens

Typically it was the adults making the decision on a DJ but now that’s not the case. Kids are making the decision based on the WOW/COOL factor. Teens have access to our pictures, videos, and personal Instagrams making them more tied than ever to our world. 

3. Furniture has been updated 

A ballroom filled with round tables and chairs are a thing of the past. A variety of seating options include cocktail seating, with taller high-top LED tables as well as lounge furniture, tufted leather chairs and sofas. Furniture is now being themed based on style and texture. 

Today, the DJ is not just the music. By educating your clients about the entire Mitzvah event, you can position yourself as an event-planning company offering all services. Instead of just giving pricing and numbers we are booking clients based on our talent and experience. 

And here’s the good news: You can too. 

DJ Times and Adam Hirschhorn are introducing “Mitzvahs — Beyond the Booth,” a column that will incorporate multi-media in the weeks and months to come. 

Look for lessons on the following topics:

  • Where to find Motivators/Dancers
  • Custom Setups
  • Producing Unique Ideas/Concepts
  • Mitzvahs with Children with Disabilities
  • The Simple Mitzvah vs. The Extravagant Mitzvah

And more! 

Look out for future posts from “Mitzvahs — Beyond the Booth” with Adam Hirschhorn.

Adam Hirschhorn owns AJH Entertainment in Marlboro, NJ. He has moderated Mitzvah educational sessions at DJ Expo and is a former special education teacher. |

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