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How about a bit of a flashback on this fine Friday? Kaskade has reunited with trio Brohug for their hard-hitting throwback, “1990,” which serves as quite the trip down memory lane.

Using snippets of the original vocals of SNAP!’s timeless classic “The Power,” the foursome deliver a lethal dose of nostalgia with this groovy speaker-scortcher.

“1990 was an incredible year for music. You couldn’t go into a club, pizzeria, or record store without hearing the iconic song by SNAP! “The Power,” and here we are in 2020 with it still buzzing in the zeitgeist. ‘1990’ is only to be played on the loudest of speakers, and has got the power to stay stuck in your head long after hearing it.” Kaskade and BROHUG explain.

Get the party started with this bouncy barrage of bass below and enjoy!

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