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With 2020 being the official 15th anniversary of his iconic Dirtybird imprint, Claude VonStroke year-long celebration opens with the release of his highly anticipated fourth studio album, Freaks & Beaks.

Kickstarting the year with the complete events calendar of all the anniversary festivals, the label boss showcases his production prowess with an 11-track offering with no production software being off-limits experimenting with a boatload of new hardware using everything from complex modular synths to simple drum apps on his iPad. Plus, he even sampled his own voice and his two children on several tracks as well!

Coming fully equipped with a fresh batch of weapons Claude and the Dirtybird all-stars will surely be adding to their arsenal when it comes to their live sets, Freaks & Beaks encompasses everything the iconic label stands for serving up infectious club-ready productions that simply have no shelf life.

Get your groove on with the fourth artist album and sixth full-length project from Claude VonStroke by giving that play button a tap below.

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