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Wasting no time making her presence felt in 2020 as she prepares to embark on her first headline tour next month, Ducky has followed up her recent progressive beauty “Don’t Give Up Still” with the release of “Where We End.”

With no genre being off-limits when it comes to production, Ducky’s new single is a booming, trance-tinged anthem alongside soaring lyrics that tell the tale of finding love in an unexpected place and learning to and learning to embrace the risk that comes with it.

“There are so many forms that love can take on, you know? I sort of rapidly fell in love (as I tend to do) with one of my best friends, and I told them, and they kind of…. shut down. And cut me off for a bit with the explanation that they needed to work through how they felt about it all. So this was sort of me working through that empty space without them in my life, knowing it was supposed to be temporary but also fully aware I’d kind of triggered some stuff in them and maybe they weren’t inclined to come back,” Ducky explains.

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“But it was really supposed to be this declaration of love – not romantic love, just love. Like, I’ll be here no matter what configuration you want our relationship to exist in. And I won’t let you push me away, because we have something deeper than that. Love in some other form, in whatever form you want it to be. Just, love.”

Stream Ducky’s hard-hitting new tune below.

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