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Still buzzing off the release of “Stop” which served as the lead single of his forthcoming album, Everything Will Come Together Pt.2, Justin Jay has reunited with Josh Taylor once again to bring us “I Just Wanna Sleep.”

Coming as the second single off his upcoming album which is due later this year, “I Just Wanna Sleep” is a funky blissful beauty driven by electric guitar and airy vocals.

“We made this song in my bedroom. Benny Bridges played some bass and guitar. Our homie Danny lent us a really janky keyboard that he found at GoodWill and it’s the secret sauce of the track,” Justin Jay explains.

Justin Jay’s new single is a downtempo, care-free piece of production that anyone can enjoy do to its light-hearted nature that walks the line of indie-electronic.

Get your groove on with “I Just Wanna Sleep” below and enjoy!

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