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We’re only a month into the new year and most Americans have abandoned their resolutions — 80% of Americans, according to research firm Strava.

But why have we so easily let go of our new year goals?

In my Facebook Group, DJ Health & Wellness I recently posed the question “What is your single biggest struggle that keeps you from being consistent with your diet and fitness?”

Here are a few replies — and then I’ll share some actionable fitness tips that might help get you back in the right direction and your new year resolutions back on track.

Michael Melice from Ithaca, NY wrote

“I get really hungry for junk food after 7pm, Mostly carbs. Usually once I get through the first two weeks of not giving into them is easy from then on. Working out has never been an issue for me.”

Dave Ternier from Minnedosa, Manitoba echoed

“Snacking. Hands down. I need a robot that smacks me upside the head every time I reach for a cracker/chip/sweet/etc.”

Meanwhile, Jason Dawson from Jewett City, CT had a different issue:

“I’ve had a hard time even starting or contemplating a diet due to an unpredictable schedule. That throws so many things out of line sometimes. Now, with a kid in school, there’s a bit more consistency with schedule, but still hard. Also, free food at awesome restaurants doesn’t help before club gigs and free meal at weddings.”

You’d never walk into an event or gig and think you’re going to do a terrible job and that your client is going to hate you, would you? Alternately, you’d never start your DJ business with the goal of losing money and having to shut down.

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By making excuses for your lack of effort that’s exactly what you’re doing with your diet and fitness goals.

Almost all of the struggles people posted were with food and finding time to create that momentum or consistency. But how can you create that environment in a world where you’re always busy and either missing meals and the gym or surrounded by temptation from foods that cause you to overindulge? Chasen Shaw from Oklahoma City, OK said his success boils down to mindset.

“I’ve had an extra 20-50 lbs on my frame since I was 8. My mind was made up that that’s how I was gonna look… that no matter what I did to fix it, I was going to be a 30% body fat kind of guy. My MIND was made up early. Maybe that’s you.

I wanted to go to the gym for a month – giving somewhat of an effort – and come out looking like Adonis. Dumb me. It took me years to get and stay overweight. It is taking me years to get my body composition back. Consistent pressure over time produces results. I know the excuses I made, so now I work around them. I mess up. But excuses don’t pass through my lips anymore.”

My mindset echoes Chasen’s, and I’ve lived many of the excuses that can absolutely poison a winning mindset.

I’d like to share some actionable tips that might help steer you in the right direction.

1. What is your goal and why?

I’m a big believer in having not only a measurable goal, but also a “why you’re striving to reach” that goal. It need no even be a new year goal. It’s one thing to say that you want to lose 50 pounds, but it brings a whole new level of motivation if you’re able to say “I am going to lose 50 pounds and I’m doing so because I want to be more active with my kids, I want to bring a new level of confidence to my events, how I look in a suit, and how I perform sexually.”

2. Believe you can do it, and make it a habit

Think about your success in business and how much time and effort you put into that. Then think about how it wasn’t an overnight success but years of putting together great events that helped you build your empire. I’m not saying that diet and fitness have to be an 80 hour a week focus, rather I’m saying that by being consistent over time you’re going to see a much more sustainable lifestyle and within a year you’ll be where you’ve always wanted to be.

3. Determine what are you willing to sacrifice

Diet and fitness isn’t easy, it’s why so many of us abandon our new year goals, and if time is a factor for you, sacrifices will be needed. Here are several areas that people can easily cut back

    • How much TV you watch.
    • Waking up earlier so you can get that workout in.
    • Not going out to eat so much or overindulging during or after events.
    • Trash all the junk in your home or office so you are able to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle.
    • Do the hardest thing first

There are a lot of people that either hate working out, or are overwhelmed by getting started. If this is you, get it out of the way first thing. By tackling the thing you enjoy least in the day you’re getting it out of the way and crossing it off your list. If eating healthy meals is an issue for you, wake up and prep your meals for the day then pack them so they’re ready.

5. Get someone to hold you accountable

Having someone you’re close to with similar goals is a great resource in times where you and that partner might need tough love. In the past I’ve used both close friends and workout partners as well as paid trainers. My Facebook group DJ Health & Wellness is a great place to post about your successes and failures.

6. If you fall off track with your new year goals, get back on!

We’re all human, we all need to let loose and we all fail on occasion. You shouldn’t let one cheat meal or one missed workout spiral into failure in the same way you wouldn’t let one bad event ruin your DJ business. Get back up, get back on track and if you need to, wake up and write out your new year goals again — it’ll remind you of why you’re doing this!

DJ Alex Nepa (back in the day aka DJ Kid A.V.) runs Mint DJ Events, nearby the campus of Penn State University in State College, PA. They do over 600 events a year — from official university events to nightlife and weddings.

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